WC Duathlon LD News

WC Duathlon LD News

By ITU Admin on 22/04/06 at 12:00 am

To the national federations

The time for the Duathlon World Cup, and thus also the deadline for registration, is getting closer. Please note that the deadline for registration to the Duathlon World Cup is May 1st, 2006. Please remember that a password and user ID is required to enter the registration page. Get the password and user ID by sending a mail to the secretariat on udon@fredericiakom.dk To make things easier for you and your duathletes, please enter your participants yourselves, which will ensure your information is correct.

The hotels of Fredericia are being booked up, so if you want to make sure to get rooms close to the start and goal area, you will have to hurry a lot. We still have a few vacant rooms at some of the hotels.
Looking forward to seeing you in Fredericia the 28th of May,

Ole Nikolajsen
Race Director

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