Top stars highlight Madrid pre-race Press Conference

Top stars highlight Madrid pre-race Press Conference

By Paula Kim on 02/06/11 at 9:30 pm

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Madrid 2011 Race Preview

Friendly competition, family rivals and the focus on London were the hot topics on Wednesday at the official pre-race press conference for the Madrid round of the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series. Javier Gomez (ESP), Alistair Brownlee (GBR), Barbara Riveros Diaz (CHI) and Ainhoa Murua (ESP) met with the media to answer questions about their training and hopes prior to competing in this weekend’s races.

Barbara Riveros Diaz:
On her success this year
“For me, every year is a process. When you are younger, you can have great races and not so great races because you are not very strong and cannot handle the races very well. Last year, I felt like I never had a strong swim. For me, everything is about the swim. This was my focus for this year. I don’t think about rank or podiums. I just want to be consistent in all three.”

On what her success means to her country
“My success is very important in Chile. It is the first time triathlon will be broadcast on television and not football. I really like the race in Madrid. It is a little hard, but it is very nice. Hopefully I will have a good race.”

Ainhoa Murua:
On the race in Madrid
“I am feeling very strong. It is a pleasure to have the second race of the series here in Madrid.
All of the races are very important from here to London. Hopefully I will do very good things.”

Alistair Brownlee:
On the race course
“I think Madrid is a fantastic triathlon course. The bike is hard and the run is hard as well. I think that suits me. It is more the style in which I like to race because I like to race hard the whole race. It suits me and gives me the best chance of winning. Otherwise, I’d do the sprint because that’d be a bit easier.”

On racing against his younger brother Jonathan
“It doesn’t feel different for me. It’s very good. We have always raced against each other, so I’ve always known how good he is. It isn’t a surprise for me that he is racing well. He’s the next big thing. I prefer him to do better than anyone else.”

On race importance
“This race is important to me for the points for the Olympics. But every race is important to me. The race I am doing at the time is the most important. On Saturday, this race will be the most important. In Pontevedra, that will be the most important race. I am not too focused on the Olympics right now.”

Javier Gomez:
On his hopes for Madrid
“The last two years were not good for me because of injuries, which is a part of the game. I’m happy right now with how things are going. My training is very good. The first race in Sydney was just fantastic, and I am leading the series right now. This is a tough one, but a special race because I am racing at home.”

On his competition
“I used to check the start list at races to see who are the big competitors. Now all of the best are in every race, so I don’t have to check. If I want to win here, I just have to go faster than everyone else. What I have to do here to win won’t be easy. I think Alistair will compete very well. I will have to run very fast. He is the toughest competitor I have ever had.”

Earlier today, International Triathlon Union President Marisol Casado, Spain Triathlon Federation President Jose Hidalgo, and Director of Madrid Community Sports Mercedes Coghen, welcomed athletes and spectators to Madrid to the event at a welcome reception.

The organisers thanked the city of Madrid and its citizens for their support in the race, as well as celebrated Spain’s many sporting events this year. Spain’s top athletes including Gomez, Ivan Rana and Murua were also in attendance to answer questions about their hopes for the race, as well as their future aspirations leading up the 2012 Olympic Games.

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The 2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Madrid round officially gets underway when the men’s race starts at 10am (local time) on Saturday June 4. The women’s race starts at 2:30pm on Sunday June 5.

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