Triathlon Sri Lanka hosts development camp

Triathlon Sri Lanka hosts development camp

By Erin Greene on 06/08/13 at 9:13 pm

Triathlon Sri Lanka recently made headway toward its development goals with a three-day technical development camp in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Three coaches and six athletes, aged between 19 -23 years old, took part in the development camp. Triathlon Sri Lanka attracted most of the participants from the navy and army, as the Sri Lanka military is quite supportive of sport - especially triathlon.

The weather was perfect for training. Participants were in a cheerful mood during workouts. During the first training session, techniques and skills seemed difficult to acquire, but on the second day it was evident the participants absorbed most of the techniques and skills, realizing the importance of basic triathlon techniques. 

“Through this camp, I figured out that South Asia countries have huge potentials. They have a number of passionate coaches and athletes who are passionate about learning triathlon to keep them up to international level. Sri Lanka has to be the center of South Asia because this country has good training infrastructures and convenient airport access from neighboring countries,” said Ki, Woo Kyong, ASTC Development Coordinator.

Mr. Sam Wickramasinghe, Secretary General of Sri Lanka Triathlon Federation, said, “I really appreciate Luc Morin’s passion and effort that he showed during the practical and classroom sessions. Our coaches and athletes really enjoyed their sessions. Sri Lanka Triathlon will continue the efforts to set up good coaching structures to develop sport in our country.”

“Sri Lanka has demonstrated determination and wiliness to develop proper coaching structures that will allow them to develop athletes for international competition. Sri Lanka has an impressive sport history that will boost the support for triathlon,” said Luc Morin, ITU facilitator & coach.