Rasmus Henning became a Father!!!

Rasmus Henning became a Father!!!

By ITU Admin on 04/09/05 at 12:00 am

Hello everyone,

My frustrations and disappointments suddenly disappeared on Wednesday at 1.16pm when Anita gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Herlev Hospital in Copenhagen. Anita went into labour on Tuesday, while we were taking a couple of days rest at my Grandmother’s summer house 2hrs drive from home. Since the baby was not due until another 12 days, she thought they were just minor contractions, which would go away again, but in the evening they became heavier and more painful, so at 11pm we decided to drive home instead of staying the night. We spent the remainder of the night at home – me sleeping and Anita wandering around – but when I woke up in the morning she still was not ready to leave for the hospital. I went for a walk with the dog, and when we got back, I could see that the contractions had increased in magnitude and the intervals were smaller. I asked her to call the hospital, but she would not – or could not manage between the contractions – so I ended up making the call, letting them know that we would come in soon. 20mins later we were in the examination room where a mid wife told us that my wife was already 9cm open and that she would have to get in the delivery room immediately because the baby was ready to pop out! With the assistance of a midwife, an assistant and an inexperienced triathlete, Anita gave birth to our daughter Caroline in less than an hour and a half from that point. Anita was so strong and fought so well that her effort really impressed even a hard worker like myself. She never complained or called me bad names which I sincerely thought came with the father’s job. When Caroline was out in the open and lying on Anita’s chest, I had the honourable task of cutting the umbilical cord, which I gladly did.

Caroline weighed in on 2850g and measured 49cm, which is a bit small, but fine considering her being 12 days premature. On the other hand she is perfectly well-shaped and seems to be enjoying life with her mum and dad. I know many parents have said this before me, but I think it is safe to say that she is the most beautiful and wonderful baby that was ever born! I am so proud of her! Take a look at the attached pictures.

I was able to stay the night in the room with my girls, but already 24hrs after the delivery the three of us went home. Only if specials needs or problems are present, the mothers and babies can stay longer. Caroline quickly found her way to her mother’s breasts, and since she appears to have her father’s great appetite, we saw no reason to stay any longer. Anita was ready to leave as well. It was very nice to come home and show Caroline her new surroundings. Our dog, Stanley, is still at my parents’, and we will wait another couple of days before we bring him home to meet his new little sister (and vice versa). I am sure he will be a great big brother and look after his baby sister!