Q&A with Technical Delegate Eugene Kraus on Gijón, host city of 2011 Duathlon Worlds

Q&A with Technical Delegate Eugene Kraus on Gijón, host city of 2011 Duathlon Worlds

By Merryn Sherwood on 15/08/11 at 11:49 pm

ITU Technical Delegate Eugene Kraus (LUX) recently visited Gijón, the host city of this year’s 2011 Duathlon World Championships which will be held on September 24 and 25. In a Q&A, he tells us what he thinks of the preparations in this Spanish city.

With the experience in lot of international events, tell us, what was your impression when you saw the city and the venue?
I was impressed by the beauty of Gijón, great beach in the middle of the city, beautiful surroundings that is green and hilly. The stadium with its interesting cycle track offers a lot of facilities like many offices, internet, a public address system, changing and shower rooms etc.. Strong and enthusiastic Local Organising Team, well-structured team all parties like National and Regional Federation, and the City of Gijón involved.

During the day, you have checked the venue and the courses; which do you think that are the key aspects, that makes attractive these event for the athletes?
Especially for the Age Group athletes the difficult bike course with a long uphill each lap, this avoids drafting situations (pelotons), passing in front of the beach and the city centre is also very attractive for the athletes.
The LOC offers a beautiful rain jacket to all athletes and the planed final party is in a traditional place in the region, to enjoy a party called “Espicha” that will be very interesting for the participants.

Tell us something about the AG Courses
All courses and the layout of the race venue is well chosen, congratulations to the race organisers and many thanks to Jorge Garcia with his long and great organising experience.

What would you say to the athletes not registered yet, on why they should come?
It is a well prepared venue with good courses, easy to reach by plane from different directions like Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris and more. An interesting city, nice beaches and good shopping offers.

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