Photo Of The Year: Week Seven Result

Photo Of The Year: Week Seven Result

By Fergus Murray on 17/12/10 at 10:47 pm

After voting, it was a runaway winner in Week Seven of the Photo of the Year contest.  Topping the polls was Janos Schmidt’s low angle photo of Chile’s Barbara Riveros Diaz exhausted and spent in the finish area after the elite women’s race.

This was the readers’ choice but here were the favourites of ITU’s photographers who shot the event:

Janos Schmidt

The World Championship Grand Final in Budapest was one of the most remarkable events for me this year. Unfortunately, not only because it was the biggest triathlon championship in my beautiful hometown but because I had to work—together with the athletes, of course—in the worst weather conditions imaginable. The rain and the unusual cold temperature in September is reflected in this particular picture too: the man has to defeat the other athletes and to overcome the rain and the water on the field.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Exposure: f3.5, 1/500
ASA: 1600
Lens: 80-200mm

Delly Carr

The contrast between the old and the new, a dynamic colourful young sport set amongst a stage steeped in the history and culture that is Budapest. There are so few sports in this world that have the luxury to choose such beautiful sporting arenas in which to compete in. My job as a photographer is to capture that opportunity and document where the sport has been.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Exposure: f2.8, 1/500
ASA: 3200
Lens: 24-70mm

Frank Wechsel

My favourite shot is the German teammates supporting Jan Frodeno after losing the World Championship title in the final race. It shows the tragedy of a whole season, and it shows how sport can be.  The picture was shot with a Canon EOS 40D, the only camera that survived the heavy rain the same morning when I shot the Age-Group athletes. I met some other photographers in the restroom of the race hotel using the electric hand dryer to bring some of their equipment back to life.

The fans have spoken and their pick for this week moves onto the final.  See all the nominees here.

Stay tuned until next week when voting opens for the final round of the Photo of the Year!


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