Photo Competition: The Grand Final Pic

Photo Competition: The Grand Final Pic

By Erin Greene on 31/12/15 at 9:30 am

After a grueling competition that saw favourite World Triathlon Series memories relived through snapshots, the moment everyone has been tirelessly waiting for has finally arrived!

The best picture of 2015 is revealed!

The 2015 photo competition can now come to a close. The votes have all been counted, the tallies have all been marked and a clear winner has unmistakably been chosen!

Drum roll please!

The 2015 Best Picture is…

The emotional and victorious reaction of Richard Murray when he claimed gold in WTS Edmonton was the most voted for picture of 2015! Congratulations to Murray on having a picturesque photo finish, and also congratulations to our photographer Rich Cruse for capturing the best photo of the year!

Coming in second place was the pre-race shot of Gwen Jorgensen before WTS Abu Dhabi taken by ITU photographer Janos Schmidt.

Gwen Abu Dhabi

And the bronze goes to the crazy water intake by Ai Ueda, shot by photographer Delly Carr.

Thank you to everyone who voted!