PATCO continental sprint champions crowned in Sarasota

PATCO continental sprint champions crowned in Sarasota

By Erin Greene on 10/03/14 at 11:59 am

Sarah Haskins (USA) and Andrew Yorke (CAN) both employed strong run performances to become the 2014 PATCO elite sprint champions this weekend in Sarasota, USA.

Women’s Review
In her return to racing after giving birth last year, Sarah Haskins sped through the bike course to clench her second sprint triathlon win in as many weeks. Riding with Sara Mclarty, the pair worked together to give themselves a 50-second advantage into T2. The gap was plenty for Haskins to hammer home for the win in 57:03.

Unfortunately, the same wasn’t true for Mclarty, who was overtaken by Amelie Kretz (CAN) and Tamara Gorman (USA) on the 5km run. Kretz crossed over the finish line in 57:39 for second, while Gorman rounded out the podium in 57:45.

Men’s Review
In the men’s race, Ben Kanute (USA) and Hunter Lussi (USA), Alexis Lepage (CAN), Raoul Shaw (FRA) got away first, but they were quickly chased down on the bike course to form a group of 16 that eventually dwindled down to eight. Kanute and Andrew Yorke (CAN) immediately broke from the pack off the bikes, but Yorke was too tough for the American. Yorke brought home the win in a time of 50:58, while Kanute crossed over six seconds later. Costa Rican Olympian Leonardo Chacon took third in 51:19.

Elite Men

1. Andrew Yorke CAN CA 00:50:58
2. Ben Kanute USA US 00:51:04
3. Leonardo Chacon CRC CR 00:51:19
4. Luke Farkas USA US 00:51:47
5. John Rasmussen CAN CA 00:52:13
6. Eric Lagerstrom USA US 00:52:16
7. Alexander Hinton CAN CA 00:52:21
8. Lukas Verzbicas USA US 00:52:25
9. Kevin McDowell USA US 00:52:27
10. Jarrod Shoemaker USA US 00:52:33

Elite Women

1. Sarah Haskins USA US 00:57:03
2. Amelie Kretz CAN CA 00:57:39
3. Tamara Gorman USA US 00:57:45
4. Joanna Brown CAN CA 00:57:53
5. Kaitlin Donner USA US 00:58:09
6. Erin Edminister USA US 00:58:34
7. Sara Mclarty USA US 00:58:48
8. Alexandra Coates CAN CA 00:59:13
9. Allison Hooper CAN CA 00:59:22
10. Rebeccah Wassner USA US 00:59:34

4xMixed Relay

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