OTU Congress

By OTU Coordinator | 08 Oct, 2012

OTU Congress

Oceania Triathlon Union Congress

VENUE: Heritage Hotel, Hobson Street, Auckland. New Zealand

DATE & TIME: 12noon - 2pm Friday 19th October 2012

                     The meeting room will be advertised in the hotel foyer. 

The agenda is as follows:

a) Attendees

b) Adoption of a revised Constitution

c) a report from the OTU President on the activities of the OTU Council since the previous OTU Congress;

d) a report from the ITU Oceania Representative, summary of OTU activities, and a summary of expenses since the previous OTU Congress;

e) a brief report from each of the Members including their current board, number of registered members, number of accredited coaches, number of technical officials, hosting of major national and international events and representation at international events;

f) a brief report from the OTU Development Officer and OTU Technical Liaison;

g) adoption of financial statements;

h) election of a new OTU Council

i) evaluation of the OTU Strategic Development Plan;

j) acceptance of the future OTU Strategic Development Plan to align with the ITU Strategic Plan;

k) other agenda items.

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