Oceania Triathlon Union seeks administrator

Oceania Triathlon Union seeks administrator

By Oceania Admin Account on 26/02/13 at 10:46 am

The Oceania Triathlon Union (OTU) is seeking a part-time administrator to assist the OTU President two days a week. The administrator will be responsible for ensuring all appropriate equipment is in place for effective OTU operations. An email application form can be obtained by request by emailing terry.sheldrake@triathlon.org.

POSITION: Administrator

NORMAL HOURS: 16 hours per week (2 days per week)

RESPONSIBLE TO: Oceania Triathlon President

The Administrator is responsible for ensuring appropriate systems and equipment is in place to ensure that the Oceania Triathlon Union operates effectively and efficiently.


• President (day to day)
• Elected Board Members

• All Oceania Triathlon National Federations
• Oceania Athletes
• Sponsors
• Funding contractors
• Media organizations
• Including all but not limited to the above.

• Work closely and collaboratively with the Oceania President, Executive Board and all Oceania National federations
• Oversee all administration activities including minute talking, as agreed and predetermined with the President.
• Assist the President and board in the drafting and development of all business annual plans and budgets
• Expand and keep updated the Oceania Web site
• Introduce OTU Face Book and Twitter communications
• Manage all Oceania finances and accounting
• Be the official information center for all Oceania triathlon enquiries

Skills required:
•   Excellent communicator both written and speech
•   Ability to demonstrate a high level of computer skills

Other Tasks:
Any other task as reasonably asked by the President