National Triathlon Coaches Course in Cali, Colombia

National Triathlon Coaches Course in Cali, Colombia

By Masa Takaya on 31/08/10 at 2:46 am

The city of Cali in Colombia was the stage for the ITU Level I Coaching Couse, which took place from 25th to 27th August, with the support of the Olympic Solidarity Program through the Colombian Olympic Committee.  ITU, PATCO and the Colombian Triathlon Federation worked together to provide participants an opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge, which will further promote sport development in the region.

Rodrigo Milazzo, ITU Level I accredited facilitator and ITU/PATCO sport development program member, led the course with focuses on the fundamental knowledge and basic training schemes.  “They were very enthusiastic about understanding the sport in a deeper level, but also took an active part in the whole course,” said Milazzo, referring to the 26 participants.

Jose Luis Echeverry Azcarate, the president of the Colombian Triathlon Federation and the member of the Colombian Olympic Committee, congratulated on the success of the event. He said, “The effort to organise such a course in Colombia demonstrates high level of cooperation among the ITU, the PATCO and the Colombian Triathlon Federation, representing the continuous success of the sport development from national level to global scale.”  Azcarate awarded certificates to the participants on the last day of the three-day course.

The course was held ahead of the National Aquathlon Championships and the Colombian Cup Sprint Triathlon, which took place on 28th and 29th August respectively.