ITU Table Officers Meeting in Beijing

ITU Table Officers Meeting in Beijing

By Masa Takaya on 18/01/11 at 5:21 pm

ITU President Marisol Casado travelled to Beijing this week to meet with Secretary General, Loreen Barnett, Treasurer, Tom Carrasco, Vice President’s Sarah Springman, Bill Walker and Yu, Kyung-Sun for planning meeting for the coming year and to prepare for the full meeting of the ITU Executive Board to take place in London in April.  ITU Sport Director Gergely Markus and Financial and Legal Advisor, Antonio Arimany were also on hand to provide expertise on key topics related to the agenda.

The meeting was graciously hosted by ITU Executive Board member Li, Xin at the headquarters of the Chinese Triathlon Sport Association.

During the meetings, the ITU officers had the opportunity to meet with Yu, Zaiqing, IOC Vice President and Deputy Director of General Administration of Sport of China, as well as Pan, Zhichen, Director of the Cycling and Fencing Sport Administration Centre and Wang, Xuanqing, President of the Chinese Triathlon Sport Association.

President Casado was also active to speak to media while in Beijing.  Xinhua News Agency wired her interview piece, referring to ITU’s ambition to have Team Triathlon included in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games programme. Click here to read the story.