ITU gives one-month sanction to Jeffcoat

ITU gives one-month sanction to Jeffcoat

By Erin Greene on 15/01/15 at 10:06 am

ITU has today announced it has imposed a one-month ban on Emma Rose Jeffcoat, a triathlete from Australia, after committing an anti-doping rule violation at an in-competition doping control test at the 2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup for the use of a diuretic.

Jeffcoat has already completed the length of the sanction, as it was back dated to when she provisionally suspended herself when notified of the possible violation.

Although the athlete was later granted a TUE by ASDMAC for the substance, she had failed to apply for it prior to competing at the Asian Cup race. As a result, Jeffcoat must forfeit her ranking at the Hong Kong Asian Cup.

ITU is strongly committed to maintaining the integrity of the sport by ensuring athletes are competing on a level-playing field by abiding to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code to help keep triathlon clean. It encourages all athletes to be aware of everything they ingest and avoid the use of dietary supplements.

Jeffcoat statement:

“I take full responsibility for my Anti- Doping Rule Violation, and acknowledge that the responsibility lies with me as the athlete to check the ASADA status in regards to therapeutic medication taken. I love triathlon, and I am dedicated to keeping triathlon a clean sport, with a fair and equal field of competition for all athletes . I realise I have put my reputation and the sport I love at risk of damage, for which I deeply regret. I encourage all athletes to become familiar with the international WADA code and procedures.”