ITU coach education goes to Edmonton

ITU coach education goes to Edmonton

By Masa Takaya on 22/07/11 at 2:06 am

A group of six enthusiastic coaches from the Pan American region gathered in Edmonton, Canada on 3 July to participate in the six-day ITU level two coaches course. The new facilitative scheme was introduced in the course presentations for the first time, which boosted the success of the event.

The participants thoroughly walked through assigned works but also dug deep to gain more skills to apply their coaching methods.

Gale Bernhardt (USA), Bobby Mc Gee (USA) and Luc Morin (CAN), who are all experts in teaching in this field, facilitated the course along with Libby Burrell, Director of ITU Development. Larry McMahon of Triathlon Canada also attended the course as a participant and observer.

The intensive course not only gave the coaches the opportunity to learn new skills but provided valuable time to network with other coaches from the region.  They shared ideas to grow and to develop the sport on all levels in the Americas.

“Coaching Courses obviously provide a learning platform for coaches to develop and advance their knowledge and skills but they also provide the opportunity for coaches from far and wide to establish new friendships and support systems that extend way beyond the courses,” Burrell said. “The new facilitative method of presentation really has moved our courses to the next level.”

“Over the week it became really evident to all the presenters that the group had ‘stretched’ themselves and uncovered a deeper understanding of how to apply their knowledge on a more practical level.  I have no doubt that the athletes working under the guidance of these coaches will reap the benefits of this in both the short and the long term,” Burrell added.

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