Invitation to a Celebration!

Invitation to a Celebration!

By ITU Admin on 02/06/05 at 12:00 am

Dear friends,

After the great success of Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Greece has the great opportunity to repeat that achievement, by hosting for the first time, the ETU 2005 Junior, Youth & Junior Relay European Championships, in the city of Alexandroupolis.

We are willing to put together the Olympic Experience with the famous Greek hospitality and along with the European Triathlon Federation, Local Authorities, Local Supporters, Sponsors, National Federation, and Volunteers, we will try to organize a competitive, exciting, safe race under the best possible conditions.

Alexandroupolis 2005 is a celebration of Teenagers’ Triathlon, where all the participants will have the chance to find themselves in a 10-day non-stop action-filled atmosphere.

With core objective the sports meeting, we have organized a united communication program of projecting the region. A program, which aims in the territory’s eminence as a metropolitan center of the East Balkans through the athletic, cultural, environmental and tourist upgrade.

This program consists of a course of cultural events of large and small scale, as well as classical communicative actions, which apply that much to the local community as much to the Greek and foreign visitors.

In the framework of these events, the 2nd European Triathlon Conference will be conducted, on the 23/07/05. Additionally, from the 25th until the 31st   of the same month will take place the Solidarity Camp with athletes from Africa and Europe.

We greatly hope to make these events an unforgettable experience with great success.

  the Alexandroupolis event page for full details.