“I Give You My Shoes” to be held in Buffalo City

By World Triathlon | 09 Mar, 2016

Joining forces with the 2016 Buffalo City ITU World Paratriathlon Event, being held on March 20 in South Africa, a non-profit organization called “I Give You My Shoes” will be holding a fundraiser and shoe drive. This organization gives running shoes to people who do not have the means of providing their own or do not own adequate ones. More information is below:

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to offer running shoes to young athletes who run without adequate equipment.
Spirit: SOLIDARITY - NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION – the shoes have to be given for free to the runners
Where: Buffalo city – East London - SOUTH AFRICA
When: March 2016 (probably the 18th after the paratriathlon’s race briefing)
How: I wish to invite the participants of the paratriathlon event (athlete and staff) to bring with them one or several pair of running shoes in order to give it to the local runners. I don’t mean a new pair of running shoes in the box but the one in good condition that you don’t use anymore. We can give them a second life to the feet of south African runners who have no access to quality equipment.
Pam Rossouw (RSA)
Templeton Vuyani Yoba – Chairperson and Club Founder (Overtakers sports club)
Original idea:
Nicolas Bechker (FRA)