Gijon Duathlon World Championships Press Conference Highlights

Gijon Duathlon World Championships Press Conference Highlights

By Erin Greene on 23/09/11 at 6:28 pm

Elite duathlon athletes Rob Woestenborghs (BEL) and Sandra Levenez (FRA) joined Spain’s Victor del Corral and Ana Burgos to answer questions on Friday prior to the 2011Gijon ITU Duathlon World Championships.

Woestenborghs and Levenez each took second place in their respective divisions at the 2010 ITU World Championships and are favoured to medal in Gijon. Corral and Burgos, who both finished just outside of podium position in 2010, will look to place in the top three as they each compete on native turf.

Rob Woestenborghs (BEL)
On Belgians collecting the top three spots in 2010:
“This year is different. Last year, we all had the same advantage on the bike. We were all good on it, but not the best in either the run or bike. This year we have a different time. The two athletes are new. They are better runners than cyclists, so we will have a different strategy.”

On the race course:
“Of course, I like the course in Edinburgh. I like a course that is more than flat. But, this is a championships and there are medals at stake, so I’ll do my best.”

Sandra Levenez (FRA)
On how her race strategy this year differs from 2010:
“The course is very different this year. I will have to adapt. I will do everything possible to do well.”

Ana Burgos (ESP)
On her condition:
“I am in good form. After this, I will compete in another race and then the marathon in Sevilla. After that I hope to be in good form for the next season.”

On advocating for women’s sports in Spain:
“I will collaborate with a women’s race after this. I support women’s sports. I think there are a lot of women in Spain who want to compete but are afraid. They are interested in sport, but afraid to compete.”

Victor Del Corral (ESP)
On his hopes for medaling:
“Last year, I was happy with my finish. I am in good form now. I have not raced in six weeks, so I had plenty of time to get ready for the championships. I hope to be on the podium this year. I prefer triathlon cross because it is more technical, but I’m ready to race.”

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