Findlay, Yorke on Top in Coteau-du-Lac

Findlay, Yorke on Top in Coteau-du-Lac

By Brad Culp on 28/06/10 at 5:34 pm

Canada’s Andrew Yorke and Paula Findlay were victorious on home soil this weekend, winning the Coteau-du-Lac ITU Pan American Cup in Quebec on Saturday.

Yorke stormed to the top of the men’s podium after an emotional victory in the elite Pan American Cup race, signifying his return to top racing form after years of struggles in the sport. The 21-year-old Ontario native, who has been injury plagued over the last three years, had the race of his life to clock a winning time of one hour 52 minutes 14 seconds (1:52:14) in the 1.5-kilometre swim, 40-kilometre bike and 10-kilometre run.

“This is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” said York following the race. “You name an injury and I have pretty much had it. I have trained so hard through all of these injuries, and that is the hardest thing to do mentally. I usually struggle in the run, but today at the five-kilometre mark, I just ran my guts out and didn’t stop. I have never been so emotional at the end of a race.”

This is the second year in a row that Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec, has hosted a Pan American Cup. Findlay won last year’s inaugural women’s race and Yorke finished third in the men’s contest.

Yorke was joined on the men’s podium by Ethan Brown, of the United States, in second spot at 1:52:48, and Victoria’s Jeff Phillips in third at 1:53:12.

While Yorke enjoyed his memory-making performance, Edmonton’s Findlay also leaves Coteau-Du-Lac with more than just a gold medal around her neck. The 21-year-old rising star in the sport used the women’s elite Pan American Cup event as a training race in preparation for her first-ever World Championship Series start in London later this summer.

Findlay has turned heads around the international triathlon circles this spring and summer when she won her first World Cup race in Mexico last month, and finished fourth in the prestigious Hy-Vee World Cup race in Des Moines, Iowa two weeks ago. Findlay clocked a winning time of 2:03:37 on Saturday.

“I really came here to get one more good race in before heading to Europe and I was able to accomplish that today,” said Findlay, who added the bike course presented one of the most difficult challenges she has faced in her career. “The bike was extremely challenging so it was a good effort today and I did meet my goals.”

Findlay, who will head to France for a three-week high-altitude training camp, was joined on the elite podium by Chantell Widney, also from Canada, who finished second at 2:06:11. Victoria’s Kyla Coates locked up third spot with a time of 2:06:51.

Elite Men

1. Andrew Yorke CAN CA 01:52:14
2. Ethan Brown USA US 01:52:48
3. Jeffrey Phillips CAN CA 01:53:12
4. Jordan Bryden CAN CA 01:53:25
5. Barrett Brandon USA US 01:53:35
6. Adriano Sacchetto BRA BR 01:53:59
7. Sean Bechtel CAN CA 01:54:10
8. Gregory Billington USA US 01:54:23
9. Nicholas Vandam USA US 01:54:29
10. Felipe Van De Wyngard CHI CL 01:54:40

Elite Women

1. Paula Findlay CAN CA 02:03:37
2. Chantell Widney CAN CA 02:06:11
3. Kyla Coates CAN CA 02:06:51
4. Lauren Goss USA US 02:08:10
5. Gwen Jorgensen USA US 02:08:49
6. Jennifer Spieldenner USA US 02:08:56
7. Ayesha Rollinson CAN CA 02:09:14
8. Lauren Goldstein- Kral USA US 02:09:21
9. Jessica Broderick USA US 02:10:06
10. Manon Letourneau CAN CA 02:10:23

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