Fast Five with Italy’s Alessandro Fabian

Fast Five with Italy’s Alessandro Fabian

By Erin Greene on 17/07/13 at 9:01 am

Alessandro Fabian is one of the fastest runners on the men’s circuit. He’s also one of the most jubilant. Never shy to flash a smile, the Italian isn’t afraid to exploit exotic training locations or indulge in a love for food and wine. From travels to Africa to long rides through Italy, Fabian is beginning to make a name for himself as a man to watch on the back half of a race. Get to know the man outside the triathlete in this week’s Fast Five.

How did you get started in triathlon?
I started in the triathlon when I was 18 years old. I started sports when I was 4 years old with the swim. That’s where I met my swim coach and he said to me, “If you want to try it, why don’t you?’. And it’s wonderful.

What’s your favourite ITU race?

Madrid because my best performances were there last year and this year. The same results. I finished fifth and that was very nice.

Favourite training destination:
Favourite vacation destination:
French Polynesia
Favourite post-training meal:
Training music playlist:
Black Keys and Italian singers
Favourite coffee:
I don’t like coffee. I’m Italian but I don’t like coffee. I like wine.

What is your favourite and least favourite training set?
I like the long training. I prefer the sets that take two-three hours. I don’t like track workouts. I prefer to be outside with nature on a long, easy steady state set.

What tips can you give an age group athlete?
For me, it is a job. It’s my favourite job. For an age grouper, it’s a sport. He has to find a good equilibrium with work and sport. Triathlon is good for that equilibrium but take it easy because it is very hard.