Canberra LD Triathlon World Champ Bike course change

Canberra LD Triathlon World Champ Bike course change

By ITU Admin on 26/08/06 at 12:00 am

The LOC for the 2006 Canberra LD Triathlon World Championships have upgraded the bike leg of the event, set for November 19th, to become a spectator friendly, four-lap ride of a superb undulating course over sensational roads and with one gentle rise/climb per lap.

The revised course has come on the back of suggestions from Chris Kitchen, the LD Chair and will give competitors and spectators a close look at the exciting racing within the event, and even more so as Canberra authorities have now given permission to close the entire lakeside roadway past the event HQ alongside Lake Burley Griffen.

LOC. X-Tri Australia promises competitors a friendly event, with maximum challenge and a worthy world championship course in an atmosphere of camaraderie.


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