Best of 2014: Mixed Relay magic

Best of 2014: Mixed Relay magic

By Erin Greene on 30/12/14 at 11:00 am

Team Great Britain asserted themselves as the most successful in Mixed Relay history in Hamburg on Saturday, collecting their third World Championship title on the back of two stellar performances...

While Great Britain dominated the Mixed Relay to win a hat trick of World Championship titles, a crop of young talent surprised the field, torching past numerous veteran races to make this year’s race one of the highlights of the year.

With three of its four team members under the age of 20, the young French team, containing Audrey Merle and Cassandre Beaugrand, the silver and bronze medallists at the 2014 European Championships and 2013 ITU Junior Men’s World Champion Dorian Coninx, provided a perfect platform for Vincent Luis to anchor home the final run and collect the silver medal.

Behind them, the Hungarian team of Zsofia Kovacs, Tamas Toth, Margit Vanek and Akos Vanek all put in excellent all-round performances to claim a bronze medal. It was Hungary’s first medal at a Mixed Relay World Championships, becoming just the ninth team to reach the podium.

It was also one of the most popular races of the year to watch with a record 1.61 million viewers tuning in on German television, which was 10% of TV viewers at that time. Online traffic for the official ITU website [] also increased significantly for the Mixed Relay race with a bump of 50% in users as compared to the last event, which was also held in Hamburg.

Conclusion: the world obviously wants this event in the Olympics, and so do we.

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