Another Great Development Opportunity in Oceania

Another Great Development Opportunity in Oceania

By Masa Takaya on 22/07/11 at 2:43 am

Two ITU facilitators, Barry Larsen (NZL) and Peter Clifford (AUS) travelled to Raratonga, Cook Islands to offer the first-ever ITU level one coaching course in the Cook Islands.

The triathlon community in the Cook Islands is enthusiastic about the sport with race opportunities twice a week, and the need for coaching education is increasing.

Eleven participants from the region attended the course, demonstrating their enthusiasm and commitment toward the sport. The Edgewater Resort provided perfect location for the course.

The course was designed with a facilitative style, which enabled the participants to apply newly-acquired knowledge to their coaching skills during the programme.

In the final session, the participants had an intensive discussions on the sport’s development in the region. In addition to what has been built, a junior programme and a novice programme are desired in the future in order to develop the sport.

The Oceania Triathlon Union and the Cook Islands Triathlon Federation took a great initiative to make the course possible.

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