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By World Triathlon Admin | 30 Nov, 1999

Stellenbosch, South Africa will host an ITU Competitive Triathlon Coaching and Facilitators Course for a group of regional coaches from April 19th to 24th.  The International Triathlon Union (ITU) and their global partner BG Group have jointly arranged the course in order to raise the number and quality of triathlon coaches across African confederation members.  The ultimate goal is to assist in the development of talented coaches and the national coaching education programmes of African countries.

The course is part of the ITU and BG Groups 2007 Sport Development Programme.  South Africa will see some of the worlds most qualified triathlon experts travel to Stellenbosch to oversee the clinic.  Headed by Libby Burrell, Director of Sport Development, ITU, the course is intended to bring resources and expertise to the emerging triathlon continent in order to grow the sport of triathlon and the calibre of athletes across Africas nations. 

By building a strong coaching base in Africa we will be able to contribute to the development of the athlete development pipeline programmes across the continent and ensure sustainability in the long term, said Libby Burrell, Director of Sport Development, ITU.  “The importance of good coaches in the overall process may never be underestimated and ITU is extremely happy to be able to contribute in this area.

The course aims to integrate sport sciences with triathlon specific preparation, planning and evaluation of the competitive athlete (junior through Under 23). The Facilitator component of the course is aimed at assisting National Federation coach education coordinators in developing their own national coach education programmes.

Last year we made a commitment to support the development of triathlon and we are pleased with the way our shared vision with the ITU is being put into action,” commented Sara Sizer, Group Head of Marketing, BG Group.  “BG Group has operations in six African nations and we hope that through events like this coaching course, we will be able to positively contribute to the development of coaches and athletes in Africa as they strive towards taking part in future Olympic Games.

The ITU is encouraging coaches interested in the course to register with their national federation.

For more information about the ITU Sport Development Programme Click Here.

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