Fast Five with Ireland’s Aileen Reid

Fast Five with Ireland’s Aileen Reid

By Merryn Sherwood on 19/06/13 at 7:56 am

The last year has been a series of new adventures for Aileen Reid (nee Morrison). After representing Ireland at the 2012 London Olympics, she wrapped up her season with a wedding in New Zealand. Months later, Reid decided it was time to change more than just her last name, opting to begin training with the famous D-squad under the direction of Darren Smith. This year, Reid sits eighth on the women’s World Triathlon Series charts with hopes to stay amongst the leading ladies.

What’s your favourite ITU event?
“I got a bronze medal in Hamburg in 2010 and a silver medal in Madrid in 2012, so both of those have really fond memories for me. There have been other races that have been really well organised and after the race in Auckland I got married in Waiheke Island, so obviously it was nice to be in Auckland. But I didn’t have a good race and didn’t finish the race.”

What was your first triathlon?
“It was a school triathlon when I was about 16. I borrowed a bike, I didn’t know anything about cycling. I was a swimmer and did a bit of cross country at school. My sister and I decided to do the school triathlon and I think I got third.”

What is your favourite and least drill?
“When I was training at home in Ireland I used to really enjoy Thursday because Thursday would mean cycling over Camlough, cycling over Ring of Gullion and then going for a swim in Camlough Lake. It was just one of those days that was brilliant to be alive. But also when I’m at home in Ireland and it’s raining and cold, it’s not nice to be out on a bike. It’s much nicer to be in the southern hemisphere.”

Favourite training destination:
Somewhere warm
Post training snack:
It’s always nice to have a burger
Coffee drinker:
When I smell it I want it. I like going to a metropolitan café rather than a Starbucks.

Goals for this year?
“I’d like to get back into the top 10 and hold some sort of position in the gold group. That would be really nice, it’s really nice to get free accommodation. And just to be thought of as a part of that gold group is good, it’s prestigious. To have a number less that 10 on your hat is a great thing and for people to know your name and who you are and that you’re a threat in the race.”

What one tip would you give age groupers?
“Don’t do anything that you haven’t done in training. Don’t wear anything, do use anything, don’t try anything that you haven’t already tried.”